Sukari Reid-Glenn Teaching RecorderSukari Reid-Glenn has been with Grand Vision Foundation since 2016, she is now taking on leadership of our education department as Education Manager. Sukari will be managing the Meet the Music program which serves over 3,500 students in 175 classrooms and 21 schools.

Q: What has been a challenge while working in the Meet the Music program?

A: The biggest challenge I’ve run into thus far has been staying “on top” of the increasing expansion of partnerships and schools and programming. MTM has grown tremendously, and that growth requires a remarkable amount of quality control/continuity, increased knowledge & familiarity with multiple teaching methods & strategies, flexibility and initiating & maintaining relationships.

Q: What has been a highlight of working for Grand Vision Foundation?

A: Ironically, the same things that are challenges are also greatly rewarding parts of my work! But the BRIGHTEST highlight is knowing that the students we serve are receiving an incredibly high quality of music instruction/introduction that will serve them in all their academic endeavors – no matter what they focus on in the future.

Q: What is a positive impact that you have seen Meet the Music have on the community?

A: After the inconsistencies that arose from the pandemic . . . inconsistencies in staffing, programs, attendance, etc., Meet the Music programs have provided stability through becoming a dependable foundation with our partners in our schools and communities.

Q: Why is it important for children to receive music education?

A: Quality music education provides students an opportunity to flex their mental and emotional muscles as they learn a new “language,” new skills and concepts. It introduces them to discipline, perseverance, practice, and offers them many opportunities to experience teamwork, adaptability and a growth mindset. Further, a quality music education introduces students to multiple cultures and ideas while simultaneously allowing them to recognize the value in their own cultures and identities.

Q: What is something you are looking forward to in your new role, as Meet the Music continues to grow?

A: More expansion and relationship building! I’m really looking forward to bringing quality music education to even MORE elementary students in LAUSD, and hopefully, in various surrounding school districts!

We are grateful for Sukari and our wonderful education staff that keep Meet the Music going! It is thanks to their hard work that we can bring quality music education to our local elementary school students!