Our Story

Our Story

Community Building Through The Arts

For twenty-five years, Grand Vision Foundation has helped to strengthen our community through the performing arts. In the beginning, we brought attention and new life to the historic Warner Grand Theatre, revitalizing it through needed restoration, events, screenings, and the promotion of independent productions in the space.

But that wasn’t enough. Grand Vision needed a smaller venue where we could do more experimental work, support performing artists, and build a signature environment. Since 2008, we have seen that vision come to life at the Grand Annex Music Hall. We then founded our Meet the Music education program for local schools and created community classes and events in response to the Harbor area’s need for access to live music and consistent music education. Today, Grand Vision continues to find innovative ways to serve our audiences, artists and youth through live and virtual programming. We celebrate the power of music and the arts to express who we are and honor our common humanity.

Grand Vision Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit, tax ID number 95-4554570.

Statement on Racial Equity

Grand Vision Foundation Statement on Racial Equity


  1. GVF believes and recognizes that:
  • No race or ethnic group is superior to any other.
  • Systemic racism continues to be a historical barrier to participation in the arts by audiences, artists, students and decision makers of color in Los Angeles.
  • Access to experiencing and participating in the arts is a fundamental human right essential for society and individuals to achieve their full potential.
  • Students deserve equitable access to a complete culturally-responsive and anti-racist education that includes music and the arts.
  • Racial equity is an essential ongoing practice, whereby historically marginalized groups must achieve equitable access to opportunities and resources, and the tools appropriate to successfully utilize them.
  • Our organization is strengthened by the high level of cultural and ethnic diversity in our immediategeographical area and greater Los Angeles.
  1. GVF embraces these strategies as a means to address issues of systemic racism, and will:
  • Have an open ear to our community needs, and actively seek input in developing authentic programming reflective of the interests, values and cultural perspectives of community members.
  • Intentionally design our marketing of our arts and cultural events to appeal to audiences from diverse segments of the L.A. Harbor and greater Los Angeles area.
  • Provide culturally-responsive and relevant arts education programming reflective of our student participants and the diverse community that we serve.
  • Provide opportunities to our staff and teaching artists to expand their roles in promoting racial equity and deepen their understanding.
  1. GVF has made racial equity in arts education, arts programming and organizational operations a key priority, and commits to:
  • Align our programming with the values and interests of our diverse audiences and increase access by offering a range of free and fee-based arts experiences.
  • Present diverse faces of the organization at events, as hosts, or speakers to project and model inclusiveness.
  • Engage our staff and Board in ongoing self-examination and education on racial equity and create systems by which concerns may be addressed.
  • Increase racial and community representation on our Board, staff, advisory board and in our programming.
  • As needed, continue to provide language translation during productions and in marketing material to ensure accessibility.
  • Partner with other arts and community organizations to advocate for racial equity in the arts.
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About Us

To inspire and engage the diverse Los Angeles Harbor/South Bay community through culturally inclusive arts and educational experiences centered on the historic Warner Grand Theatre and the Grand Annex in downtown San Pedro.

Underlying Grand Vision’s efforts is our belief that local arts have the power to bridge cultural boundaries and unite our community.

Grand Vision Foundation was formed by concerned citizens to save and reactivate the Warner Grand Theatre, an art deco movie palace in downtown San Pedro. In 1996, Grand Vision incorporated and successfully advocated for the City of Los Angeles to purchase the Theatre. Grand Vision then embarked on a major fundraising and restoration campaign to transform the theatre into a viable performing arts venue.

What We Do

Sierra Hull singing with mandolin - iu

The Grand Annex

A 150-seat cabaret venue run by Grand Vision Foundation (GVF) in the heart of San Pedro’s thriving arts district.

Boy holding recorder and smiling in classroom

Meet the Music

Providing high-quality, in-school music education, GVF believes every child deserves access to foundational music education.

Warner Grand Theatre Marquee in San Pedro CA

Friend's of the Warner Grand

Owned and operated by the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs, GVF is the official Friend’s Group.

Board & Staff

Board Of Directors

Scott J. Donnelly, President / PDM CPAs
Fred Allen, Vice-President / Mister Marley
Daniel Hom, Treasurer / Bravo Music School
Jasna Penich, Secretary / Malaga Bank
Aaron Aalcides / Alpha Real Estate Group
Robert Farrell / L.A. City Councilman (Retired)
George Harris / Harris Realty
Lucrecia Jacobson / Educator
Nathan MacAinsh / Principal, Cabrillo Elementary
Noramae R. Munster / Co-Founder, Grand Vision Foundation
Alan Johnson / Jerico Development
Ray Kato / Retired Aerospace Executive
Rebecca Liu Morales / M Strategic Communications
Jeff Volrath / U.S. Bank

Ex Officio

Elise Swanson, CEO, San Pedro Chamber of Commerce
Lee Sweet, City of Los Angeles, Dept. of Cultural Affairs


Liz Schindler Johnson, Executive Director
Taran Schindler, Deputy & Artistic Director
Sukari Reid-Glenn, Education Manager
Joselyn Wilkinson, Development & Advancement Officer
Lupe Montiel, Education Program Coordinator
Andrew Aragon, Executive & Development Assistant
Christa Klee, Marketing Specialist
Connie McOsker, Community Projects/Team Taiko
Sandy Bradley, Finance Manager
Alexa Clement, Membership Coordinator

Teaching Artists

Andrea Bader-Dowdell
Kathy Bailey
Gabriel Feldman-Franden
Marie Medina Trindade
Nicholas Miller
Emilia D. Moscoso Borja
YeeMan “ManMan” Mui
Jose Plascencia