Psychedelic pop may seem like a new-fangled thing, but it actually emerged in the mid-1960s as one of the key genres of the countercultural movement. A great example is The Beatles’, Strawberry Fields Forever. It’s actually considered one of the all-time masterpieces of psychedelic pop.

The song features unique instrumentation like a mellotron, a reverse cymbal, a swarmandal, and tape loops. It was created using two different versions that are spliced together at different speeds and keys, creating a distorted sound. Inspired by John Lennon’s childhood memories of playing in a garden called Strawberry Field, the whimsical lyrics evoke an ethereal sense of nostalgia with a touch of absurdity.

Psychedelic pop music aims to evoke the psychedelic experience through the use of distorted sounds, unconventional song structures, surreal lyrics, and colorful imagery. While the genre’s original iteration declined in the early 70s, it has continued to resonate with each new generation of dreamers, including today’s Gen Z and Millennial generations.

Three South Bay bands will be bringing their own interpretation of this genre to the Annex stage on Saturday, November 18. Double Wish’s innovative “dark-sunshine-pop” draws from Third Eye Blind, and Teal Pop’s modern psychedelic pop is influenced by Stereolab and Enya. Opening the show is local San Pedro favorite, Middletooth.