Adam Sabolick and Philippe Andre of Double Wish & Marina Aguerre and Lionel (Vinyl) Williams of Teal Pop

Opener: Middletooth

Doors 7:00 PM

Double Wish

The duo created their project Double Wish in 2020, turning their garage demos into studio recordings. The band recently released their debut EP Light Split Sparkle, offering up their unique sound for 21st-century music-lovers.

They’ve already gained serious attention for their music across Orange County and Los Angeles, performing at several impressive venues, including the Moroccan Lounge, Observatory and Fingerprints Music.

Teal Pop

Teal Pop was formed in 2019 when longtime friends and collaborators Marina Aguerre and Lionel (Vinyl) Williams joined forces. With their enchanting melodies and ethereal lyrics, the LA-based duo effortlessly transports audiences to a world where modern psychedelia meets sunshine pop. At the heart of Teal Pop’s sound lies Aguerre’s dreamy vocals and groovy basslines, which glide effortlessly over Williams’ celestial synth, jangly guitar and sun-drenched rhythmic patterns. Drawing inspiration from an array of artists like Stereolab, Broadcast, Joyce, Air, The Free Design, and Enya, the duo has created a unique sonic tapestry that is nostalgic and extraterrestrial. Teal Pop’s mission is to explore the depths of human emotions through their music.


Middletooth (Opener)

Pop-punk, alt-rock

After a years-long hiatus spent on multiple continents, Middletooth was formed in 2020 when its members came back together in their hometown, San Pedro, CA.

Raised on Southern California pop-punk and alternative rock, the band mixes their upbeat guitar-driven sound with transparent, vulnerable lyrics, and a penchant for building up to roaring, shout-along endings.

Andrew Lords – vocals, guitar
Dale Ogden – bass
Michael Rogers Mundon – guitar, bass, piano, synth
Phil Awad – drums, vocals

moirebender (Visual Effects)

moirebender is the visual project of Los Angeles-based artist Anthony Diaz.


$20-35 per person