Meet Emlyn from Mauritius. She is one of Small Island Big Song’s lead singers and well known in her country as a premier performer of sega–a popular Mauritian music genre. Through her vocals, guitar and mastery of several traditional instruments including the ravann, the kayamb and the maravann, Emlyn brings the infectious grooves of sega into the Small Island Big Song performance. 

Emlyn is a musician, activist and windsurfer. With bandmate Kan, she is a co-founder of “Enn Losean Vivab” (one liveable ocean in Mauritian Creole) an organization focused on raising pollution-awareness through eco-consciousness, watersports and the arts. Emlyn has been a featured musician at the Nou Le Morne Music Festival which supports Mauritius-based social and environmental action and her music, work and message have been covered by CNN Africa.

See Emlyn perform with Small Island Big Song on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at the Warner Grand Theatre in a night of uplifting traditional and contemporary oceanic grooves, soulful island ballads, and spoken word. Click here to purchase tickets


Enn Losean Vivab

CNN Africa