Meet Kan! He’s a multidisciplinary artist from Mauritius performing with “Small Island Big Song” at the Warner Grand on April 27, 2022. Kan’s musical career has moved from the electronic music scene to acoustic music, international instruments and music with a message. 

His “Trash to Music” project – making musical instruments from trash – has earned him international attention. He is also co-founder of “Enn Losean Vivab” (one liveable ocean in Mauritian Creole) an organization dedicated to pollution-awareness through eco-consciousness, watersports and the arts. 

See Kan live in concert with Small Island Big Song. A night of upbeat contemporary and traditional oceanic grooves, soulful island ballads, and spoken word from across the South Pacific – and a call to action about the impact of rising sea levels around the world. Click here to purchase tickets


Enn Losean Vivab

Trash-to-Music Tutorials (In French) 

TEDx Kan Chan Kin: From Trash to Music