Tim Cole is Small Island Big Song’s Director, Music Producer and Filmmaker.  He is an Australian creative who has developed a career through cross-cultural arts projects with music at the heart. 

Tim has deep professional knowledge in Indigenous arts and traditional Aborigional storytelling styles. His experience as Senior Music Producer for CAAMA – the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association and his own reaction to hearing the UN’s 5th Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2014 – led to the founding of “Small Island Big Song”. 

Tim is the recipient of several fellowships and awards including the Churchill Fellowship – to research Austronesian music culture; the Ian Potter Cultural Trust – to study indigenous filmmaking; and the Asia Pacific Screen Award finalist for Best Feature Documentary, “Vanuatu Women’s Water Music.”He has also received numerous invitations to speak on climate change and the arts at the United Nations, APAP NYC, and WOMEX. 

See Small Island Big Song’s performance at the Warner Grand Theatre on April 27, 2022 in a night of uplifting traditional and contemporary oceanic grooves, soulful island ballads, and spoken word. Click here to purchase tickets.