Ballet Folclórico do Brasil teaching rhythms to students on stage during a Meet the Music event at the Grand Annex

Ballet Folclórico do Brasil teaching rhythms to Meet the Music students

We had a blast bringing the music of Brazil to our Meet the Music students and their families through LAUSD’s Cultural Arts Passport program! Partnering with the downtown LA Music Center, Grand Vision brought Ballet Folclórico do Brasil to the Grand Annex Music Hall. Cabrillo Avenue Elementary students and their families rode the red Downtown San Pedro trolleys (in collaboration with the San Pedro Business Improvement District) and ended their school day with an exciting field trip concert.

A member of Ballet Folclórico do Brasil shows a berimbau to a Meet the Music student

Meet the Music students get the chance to play the berimbau

They learned about Brazilian music, history, and dance. They saw demonstrations of capoeira, the traditional martial arts-dance and the berimbau a stringed instrument from Brazil. The students even had the chance to play the berimbau and other Brazilian instruments and make music with the band. We’re thrilled to bring these cultural experiences to the Harbor Area community.