David and Andrew holding new lighting equipment being installed in the Grand Annex Music Hall

Lighting designer David Zahacewski & GVF staff member Andrew Aragon

We are thrilled to announce the completion of a transformative project at the Grand Annex Music Hall – the installation of a cutting-edge lighting system made possible through the generous support of the Perenchio Foundation, the dedication of our staff, and the talent of local lighting designer David Zahacewski.

The Grand Annex Music Hall, nestled in the heart of downtown San Pedro, Los Angeles, has long been celebrated as a premiere independent listening room, offering a diverse range of high-quality concerts. The new lighting equipment was installed on November 15th just in time for the Annex’s 15th birthday celebration! Now, with the addition of our state-of-the-art lighting equipment, the Grand Annex concert experience is enhanced for both artists and audiences alike.

Thanks to the hard work of the Grand Vision staff, particularly the efforts of Andrew Aragon, Executive & Development Assistant, the Grand Annex has embraced a new era of technological sophistication. The new lighting setup includes four racks of the latest Kinetic light models from 2023. These lights can create a variety of colors and animations, enhancing the stage or the entire audience space. They’re all manageable through a touchscreen light board in the sound booth. What’s particularly exciting about this system is the moving lights, which can produce beautiful color effects and captivating patterns.

The project was made possible through a Capital Improvements Grant from the Perenchio Foundation. The Grand Vision Foundation is immensely grateful to the Perenchio Foundation, whose visionary support has enabled us to enhance the cultural landscape of our beloved city. With their backing, the Grand Annex Music Hall is poised to shine even brighter as a leading cultural hub in Los Angeles, offering an immersive and unforgettable musical experience for all who walk through our doors.