Thanks to the National Endowment for the Arts, Roots & Rambles returns to the Grand Annex for the Winter-Spring 2022 season. Grand Annex’s Roots & Rambles is a series featuring artists who are dedicated to the music, craft and history of folk music in the United States. Performances and pre-concert workshops explore the stories, social expression, cultural history and traditional instrumentation of American roots music. 

John Kraus and the Goers   Chris Pierce   Zhena Folk Chorus

This season, the series includes performances by John Kraus and the Goers, Chris Pierce, and Zhena Folk Chorus. At pre-concert workshops attendees will be able to participate in All about Sea Shanties sing-alongs, and a songwriting workshop and “The Magic of Village A Capella Signing.” 

We’re honored to have partnerships and support from the National Endowments for the Arts who approved Grand Vision Foundation for the third year for a FY 2022 Grants for Arts Projects award. Together we are celebrating and preserving the stories and cultural history of American roots music. “The National Endowment for the Arts is proud to support arts projects like this one from Grand Vision Foundation that help support the community’s creative economy,” said NEA Acting Chair Ann Eilers. “Grand Vision Foundation in San Pedro is among the arts organizations nationwide that are using the arts as a source of strength, a path to well-being, and providing access and opportunity for people to connect and find joy through the arts. 

Help us preserve folk music and history in the U.S. by joining us for this series. Watch Captain John and the band deliver turns with Celtic rock and vintage sea shanties, groove to the soulful melodies of Chris Pierce, or hear an exquisitely beautiful collection of Eastern European “old country” songs by Zhena Folk Chorus.