Andy & Renee in concert

POLAHS Senior Showcase
Visual and Performing Arts

The POLA High Class of ’22 gathers for one last big blowout of dance, vocals, comedy and spoken word.

The CTE and Elective classes will kick off the Visual Arts & Performing Arts Senior Showcase starting at 5pm at Pixels where the works of our talented art and photography seniors will be displayed followed by our creative performers and video production students at The Warner Grand promptly starting at 7pm.
This is a FREE EVENT, however, please also consider donating to one lucky senior’s scholarship. Cash or check will also be accepted. Please make sure to specify the donation as “VAPA Scholarship


Covid-19 Safety at the Warner Grand Theatre

As of 5/2/22

  • Anyone wishing to enter the venue at any time, for any reason, must present a printed or digital card indicating that they have completed a one or two-shot vaccination series (Moderna or Pfizer, and others) at least 14 days before entry to the theater. These folks must show their vaccination record and, if over 18, their state-issued picture ID at the door. If not yet fully vaccinated, they may present a printed or digital NEGATIVE test result – a PCR test within the previous 48 hours or a rapid Antigen test within the previous 24 hours.  Home tests are not sufficient.  For a list of free testing sites (if you are insured or uninsured), please visit https://dhs.lacounty.gov/covid-19/testing/.
  • Those who are fully vaccinated (not including boosters) at least 14 days before the event, do not need to wear a mask inside, although they can choose to do so.
  • All others wishing to enter must show a printed or digital negative test result – within 48 hours for a PCR test, or within 24 hours for a rapid antigen test.  Either test result must be issued by a licensed lab or professional; home tests are not accepted. They must also wear a mask while inside.

The Covid-19 rules are in flux. Please contact the Warner Grand Theatre at 310-548-2493 or the organizer of the event to check the rules before attending. Thank you.