Dominique Becton Film & Acting Academy

Dominique Becton Film & Acting Academy Presents Short Films

One of the Southland’s premiere Film acting and production talent development schools returns with the latest short films created by and starring their participants.

Three short films will be showcased:

My Sisters Keeper, After the sudden passing of his mother’s untimely death, Jonathan (Matt Turner), an aspiring cartoonist, now has the task of taking care of his two young sisters, Zara (Zuri Ammarah) and Zoriah (Ziya Ammarah). He faces a series of obstacles and temptations that challenge him to make the right decisions for his family.

Meet the Waltrainians, On her 13th birthday, India (Madisson Soto), discovers that she is not from this world and must navigate her newfound identity while trying to keep her secret from those around her.

Three Card Monte, Charles Davis (Marques Davis) is a busy family man who’s always on the go. He works long hours at his job and rarely has time for his wife and kids. He takes his family for granted, assuming that they’ll always be there for him no matter what.

We will also be showing a few monologues from our Youth Commercial Class students.

Come and enjoy a night out with the DBFAA family.