On November 17 the Grand Annex hosted the Boston-style songwriting sensation Ellis Paul. Michael Doherty posted a fantastic in-depth review on his blog “Michael Doherty’s Music Log.”

Ellis Paul at The Grand Annex, 11-17-23 Concert Review

Ellis Paul is doing a few shows in California this week, last night playing at The Grand Annex in San Pedro, and delivering two fun sets. He seemed in especially good humor, even though he had to play on a borrowed guitar after his guitar was once again damaged in flight. It might have been partly because of the venue. There was such a good, relaxed and cheerful vibe to the place, and to all the people who worked there. I suppose we’ve come to expect that of those who work in folk clubs, but these guys were especially welcoming, standing out even among that group. And there was a wine tasting before the show for those who spent an extra sixteen dollars (pretty cheap for a wine tasting). And for those not inclined to take part in the tasting, there was still wine and beer available at the concession counter. The patrons at this club were also friendly, and it felt like a little party, or gathering, with people mingling and drinking rather than simply staying in their seats waiting for the show to start. So not a shy crowd. And that contributed to the fun atmosphere too, for these people did not hesitate to participate on a song like “Kick Out The Lights.” But more on that in a bit. Click here to read the full review.