From 2006 – 2008, GVF raised $914,418 through a coordinated community building effort that offered local businesses and residents the opportunity to “adopt” seats at the theater with commemorative armrest nameplates. Under contract with the City of Los Angeles, GVF coordinated every aspect of three key restoration projects funded by this campaign:

  • Restoration of the Theatre’s 1,525 seats,
  • Replacement of outdated stage rigging and movie screen,
  • Replacement of outdated movie sound system with a new audio system.

During this same time period, outside of the city contract but in close collaboration with the City of L.A. Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) Project Manager, GVF also funded these concurrent projects:

  • Painting: Auditorium Walls & Floor
  • Lower Lobby Carpet & Restroom Stall repair
  • Stage Extension
  • Original Projector Repair

Toward the end of the project, the Save Your Seat campaign attracted an angel donor who directly donated to the Warner Grand. Projects completed in 2007-2008, and funded by the angel donor were:

  • Extensive Electrical repairs and rewiring
  • Decorative Lighting Refurbishment
  • Auditorium Chandelier Restoration
  • Auditorium Carpeting
  • Additional Theatre Curtains
  • Painting of the back wall of the stage
  • Furniture & Fixtures
  • Historic Lobby Bench Restoration