Sammy is a member of the Merina nation from Madagascar. He is a luthier, multi- instrumentalist, and an expert on the traditional instruments of his country. Sammy gained national attention in the late 1990s as the leader and artistic director of the Madagascan band, Tarika Sammy, a band that mixed traditional and contemporary instrumentation with lyrics rooted in social action. The band went on to make TIME Magazine’s 2001 list of the “10 best bands on planet Earth.”

Sammy is passionate about the musical traditions of his country and heritage. He crafts his own instruments and is dedicated to teaching about them as well, keeping the cultural traditions alive. Want to know more about the valiha, the kabosy, the jejy or the marovany? Sammy will let you know!

See Sammy’s live performance with Small Island Big Song in a night of uplifting traditional and contemporary oceanic grooves, soulful island ballads, and spoken word. Click here to purchase tickets.