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  • Grand Vision Foundation’s Meet the Music program has provided music education in L.A. area schools since 2009, serving over 15,000 students! Now these programs are available to schools online.
  • Semester-long, standards-based music making and education courses are available for a classroom or school grade level, or for an entire district or charter network (grades 3-5). We are a vetted arts partner of Los Angeles Unified School District.
  • Subscriptions to each course last one year, and contain 12 high-quality sequential video lessons led by trained teaching artists, classroom teacher materials, and a complete curriculum. Students may complete lessons weekly or on your schedule.

RoMP Online!

Grand Vision’s Roots of Music Program (RoMP) sparks student engagement through dynamic, interactive video lessons that get students making music while building personal connections with people and places around the world – building empathy, understanding, and creativity.

This innovative curriculum is based on National and California Arts Standards, and connects music fundamentals with ELA, history and science as students explore music and cultures of West Africa, the United States, and Mexico. Optional arts integrated lessons provide opportunities for deeper exploration beyond the 12-week program (Grades 3-5).

Your Subscription Includes:

  • 12 Interactive Videos
  • Student Workbook PDF
  • Teacher Workbook PDF
  • Sing-Along Music Files

Recorders Online!

With Recorders Online! it’s possible for any student, in any school, to learn to play their first instrument, read music, and connect creatively with their peers. Designed and taught by Grand Vision’s award-winning teaching artists and educators, Recorders Online! is a 12-week music education course, based on National and California Arts Standards – to encourage students to create, reflect, revise and connect.

Recorders Online! unlocks students’ musical potential with inspiring song choices and enough practice to master each new concept, and prepares them to join band or orchestra in middle school. (Grades 4-5)

Your Subscription Includes:

  • 12 Interactive Videos
  • Student/Teacher Curriculum Book PDF
  • Play-Along Music Files

What Teachers and Students Say

“Playing the recorder at first was really hard, fingering the notes, but I started getting better at practicing it. Then I started challenging songs and it made me improve a lot. Now that we’re going through a pandemic I want to go back to school to keep learning more about music.”


5th Grade Student, Hawaiian Ave Elementary School

“I experienced an exciting adventure and learned things that I never knew. My favorite part was the concerts and the different music. I think that the most valuable thing was discovering the different amazing music cultures.”


4th Grade Student, Pt. Fermin Elementary School

“My new limited English learner really did benefit from the recorder program. His confidence and wanting to participate during recorder time was the greatest feeling. I connected music to mathematics, multicultural studies, history, and team building.”

Dolores Anaya

5th Grade Teacher, Hawaiian Ave Elementary School

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